Each year our K-8 students make their way from the “big campus” to the Early Childhood Campus in order to in order to take action and raise awareness in support of various causes. On Thursday, May 31, all of our K-8 students walked on behalf of some of the unsung heroes our students have been learning about in class. TBS students, led by our student Ashoka team, have identified influential changemakers in our local and global communities who don’t get as much recognition for their work as other wider known figures. Each TBS classroom selected an unsung hero to celebrate and include on our student-designed Unsung Hero t-shirts. You can find a full list of our celebrated unsung heroes here. And to continue the social justice and activism conversation with our students, TBS will welcome back civil rights activist and former Black Panther leader Ericka Huggins to talk about what it means to be a youth activist. This partnership was made possible thanks to our 2017 Count Me In funding. Thank you, CMI supporters!