Civic Engagement

To become global citizens, TBS students learn not only core academics but core values.

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Our focus is for students to be able to discover the beauty in math and explain their thinking.

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Using a hands-on approach to discovery and building on children’s natural curiosity, we give students opportunities to build and deepen their understanding and further their scientific literacy.

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Balanced Literacy

We enable students to become passionate readers, clear thinkers, and capable communicators.

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Cultural Studies

We emphasize an interdisciplinary exploration involving literacy, math, art, and science with and a focus on social justice — learning from history to take action to engage a changing world.

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Our curriculum focuses on strengthening reading comprehension and analysis skills, creative and expository writing, and increasing word knowledge through explicit vocabulary work.

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Our Spanish classrooms are spaces where students feel comfortable taking risks as they work to acquire new language skills by speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

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Visual Art

By teaching thinking protocols in addition to the process of art making, we believe students learn how to transfer these ways of working and thinking to other areas of inquiry.

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Performing Arts

Playing, performing, and listening to music is a joyful undertaking that can deepen our understanding of culture and history and strengthen our ability to communicate with each other.

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PE & Health

Play, movement, and sportsmanship with a focus on social & emotional health and stability.

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Social Emotional Learning

Our framework for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) at TBS is founded in research from The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

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Service Learning

Service learning means engaging in activism to change social and economic systems in support of social and environmental equity and justice.

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