Invest in Our Future

2023-24 TBS Fund Campaign

We’re deeply grateful to the families, trustees, faculty and staff members, grandparents, and friends of TBS who have already contributed a range of generous, meaningful gifts, helping to sustain and expand access to a TBS education for all current and future TBS families.

Did you know?

This year, TBS has committed $949,176 to fund Individual Family Tuition, which enables us to offer tuition plans ranging from 100% to 3% of the top 2023-24 tuition rate. As a result, we are able to expand access to a TBS education to as many mission-aligned families as possible.

Why IFT matters

The Individual Family Tuition model directly benefits every child’s academic and social-emotional development by expanding access to a TBS education for all families who value our school’s mission.

Expanding access increases the breadth and depth of learning styles, identities, and lived experiences in our classroom communities. That breadth and depth ensures that all students develop the skills necessary to engage a changing world as empathetic, empowered human beings.

We have a goal, but we can’t accomplish it without you.

We’ve set an ambitious and attainable TBS Fund goal of $160,000– an amount that we’ll use to expand access to a TBS education now and in future years. Will you help us get there?