At TBS we believe that an inclusive culture flourishes when we make time and space for adults in our school community to connect with others who are walking similar paths. Over the course of the academic year, we schedule various events that allow our entire community to connect in the context of our mission and core values: Math Night, the Art Show, Spring Sings, Fall Fest, and the Middle School Plays are only a few. In addition, we create opportunities for parenting adults to learn frameworks, language, and practices that our teachers use to understand and meet the needs of diverse student groups.

Last spring we welcomed child psychologist and Wright Institute professor Allison Briscoe-Smith to the University Avenue Campus to share research about childrens’ awareness of race. On Tuesday, April 17, we’re welcoming Allison back to TBS to continue the conversation. We will be deepening our understanding of anti-racist versus non-racist as well as building skills and strategies for how to talk to our kids about race. Complimentary childcare is available for TBS-enrolled children. Allison will work with our teachers that afternoon before this event. Thank you to our 2017 Count Me In contributors! Your support of last year’s Seen & Celebrated: Supporting Diversity, Identity, and a Culture of Belonging campaign has made this event possible!