Count Me In – Travel Fund

Count Me In for the Travel Fund

CMI is TBS’s Spring 2018 fundraising initiative in support of our strategic focus on academic excellence. The goal is to increase access to teacher-requested resources (people, materials, and experiences) that will augment student experiences in and out of the classroom and ensure even more meaningful learning for students at all levels: ECC, K-5, and Middle School.

Our teachers work hard to create engaging, rigorous learning experiences, rooted in civic engagement, that build a strong foundation for future academic and social-emotional development in all students. Will you join us with your gift for these student resources?

Your Gift Could

Open opportunities for new and enhanced student experiences by funding new trips at each grade level, expanding existing ones, and establishing a travel fund to get our students where their learning takes them. This fund would get our students out and about by coach. We would reduce the dependency on family drivers and reallocate teacher and staff time from driver logistics.

New Experiences for Our Students

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Day trips to Slide Ranch and increased frequency of museum visits and sites connected to current study for integrated learning experiences. Cost = $400.

3rd Grade
Overnight trip to Pt. Reyes to to include the local Miwok people and the Museum of the Native Americans in their study of California people, places, and plants. Cost = $2,000

4th/5th Grade
Extend the Ft. Ross experience to a 2-night trip for interdisciplinary cultural studies, science, and literary learning experience. Cost = $3,000

6th Grade
A multi-day NatureBridge trip in Yosemite or GGNRA (Golden Gate National Recreation Area). At NatureBridge students explore the geologic history of the Sierra Nevada in Yosemite or the Bay Area. They learn teamwork and community building while making connections to the natural world, and become inspired to be the next generation of environmental stewards. Cost = $7,000

7th/8th Grade
Outward Bound – help us ensure this trip is continued! A TBS family made a gift to fund this year’s trip. Developing independence and resilience through team building, and learning outdoor skills while camping in a beautiful natural setting, make Outward Bound a perfect experiential education experience. Cost: $9,000

Van Travel

Add to a pool of funds to support van travel and alleviate demand for parent drivers. This fund would get our students out and about by coach or public transportation. We would reduce the frequency of family drivers and reallocate teacher and staff time from driver logistics.