Count Me In – Equity & Inclusion Fund

Count Me In for Equity & Inclusion

CMI is TBS’s Spring 2018 fundraising initiative in support of our strategic focus on academic excellence. The goal is to increase access to teacher-requested resources (people, materials, and experiences) that will augment student experiences in and out of the classroom and ensure even more meaningful learning for students at all levels: ECC, K-5, and Middle School.

Our teachers work hard to create engaging, rigorous learning experiences, rooted in civic engagement, that build a strong foundation for future academic and social-emotional development in all students. Will you join us with your gift for these student resources?

When directed toward tuition assistance, your gift strengthens your commitment to our diverse and inclusive community. When directed toward professional development, your gift supports additional faculty professional development in the mission-critical areas of health, math & science, interdisciplinary learning, and cultural responsiveness. Your gift also supports ongoing, specific training in differentiated instruction that supports our thriving, neurodiverse learning environment and helps ensure that all students develop to their fullest potential.

The school’s strategic focus on equity and inclusion is ever-present in the goals, beliefs, and actions of our board of trustees, our administration, our faculty, and our students. We implement equity-connected practices in order to sustain a thriving multicultural community that supports diverse identities and affinities (including racial/ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic) and creates optimal conditions for learning.