As always, our students take the lead on making a positive difference in their community. During this time of pandemic and quarantine, the people who were already dealing with lack of housing, healthcare, food access are now more vulnerable than ever. Which makes now, a more urgent than ever, to provide support.

Women’s Daytime Drop-in Center
2218 Acton Street, Berkeley
What to donate:
Non-perishable ready to eat food
Cleaning supplies, esp individual hand sanitizer, small packs of wipes,
Face masks
Size 6 diapers
No-contact thermometers
Toilet paper

Donations will be packed in to go bags for low income seniors, other people in subsidized housing and also for encampments.

Alameda County Food Bank 
Ways to support: 
The Virtual Food Drive
Donate Food

BOSS (Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency) 
Berkeley location: 1918 University Avenue, Berkeley

What to donate:
pajamas, shoes and *new* socks, Men’s & Women’s T-shirts
curtains and blinds
living room furniture
waterproof tarps
blankets & comforters
sleeping bags
dishes, flatware, cups & glasses
pots & pans
small appliances


TBS students invite you to support your local senior neighbors by making art and writing friendly letters. Seniors often depend upon visitors as an important part of staying healthy. And during this time, when visits often aren’t allowed receiving a message from us to know that they’re thought of and loved could go a long way!

Make Art & Write Letters

Please join us in making art and writing letters of love & care to our senior neighbors.

Chaparral House – Attn: Activities Staff, 1309 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94702

Strawberry Creek Lodge – 1320 Addison St., Berkeley, CA 94702)


At this time when many of us are privleged to take shelter in our homes, it’s important to recognize the people on the front lines who are bravely going to work. Medical professionals, first responders, grocery and supply store employees, food industry and transit workers, janitorial staff, and other essential workers deserve to know we’re grateful for them. TBS students encourage you to join them in making signs of gratitude to display in your windows to ensure that all of those keeping our communities going are loved and appreciated. 


Wearing a mask is a simple act we all can and should do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Noa (5th grader) put this video together with her grandmother to help us all learn how to make a non-sewing mask with repurposed items in just minutes.


The Census and Democracy

The Census and Democracy

By Adrian W., Jack S. and Malcolm A. The census is the U.S. government’s way of determining the population of the country. It is carried out by the U.S. Census Bureau, which is the government agency that conducts the Census. It is required by law in the Constitution...

Voter ID Laws: A Way to Suppress the Vote

Voter ID Laws: A Way to Suppress the Vote

by Mackenzie P. What are voter ID laws?  Voter ID laws require people who are old enough to vote to bring their ID or a photo ID to the polls when they vote. These laws are only in effect in some states. The states run the elections, not the federal government. The...

Gerrymandering FAQs

Gerrymandering FAQs

By Evan B. Gerrymandering is redrawing the lines of a congressional district to give a political party an advantage over another. Gerrymandering is technically illegal but it’s hard to prove. There are two tactics of gerrymandering, cracking and packing. Cracking is...