The 100th day of school is a festive one at The Berkeley School! Students on our preschool campus spent the morning counting 100’s of objects… 100 drops of water, 100 buckets of sand, 100 hand prints, 100 Cheerios, and 100 minutes of fun! Kindergarten students in the Sweet Briar Creek classroom counted by 10’s to create their own snack sacks and make wearable 100-cereal ring necklaces. Yummy! They also compiled a list of 100 things that make them happy! First and second graders wrote books about what they could lift 100 of, and what they could NOT lift 100 of, same with what they could eat 100 of and what they couldn’t. The students also did numerous exercises that needed to be completed within 100 seconds and practiced jumping around a giant 100s grid. Third graders honored the 100th day tradition with stations in math that were all about 100. They wrote about what they would do with $100 and/or what it might be like to be 100 years old. They also competed in a race to complete 100-piece puzzles!