Count Me In – Technology Fund

Count Me In for the Technology Fund

CMI is TBS’s Spring 2018 fundraising initiative in support of our strategic focus on academic excellence. The goal is to increase access to teacher-requested resources (people, materials, and experiences) that will augment student experiences in and out of the classroom and ensure even more meaningful learning for students at all levels: ECC, K-5, and Middle School.

Your Gift Could

Add 24 student iPads, $500 each = $12,000, ECC-5 classrooms & Art Studio; TBS has 18 shared devices in current inventory.

Add 12 Chromebooks, $300 each = $3,600, Elementary & Middle School; TBS has 100 shared devices in current inventory.

Resource a Middle School Robotics Exploratory to design/create 3D objects that move. $3,000, initially in Middle School.

Our teachers work hard to create engaging, rigorous learning experiences, rooted in civic engagement, that build a strong foundation for future academic and social-emotional development in all students. Will you join us with your gift for these student resources?

At Each Grade Level

At the ECC, your gift helps us bring updated devices to our teachers for photo documentation, assessment, and blog support.

In K-2, your gift gives new iPad stations to support student literacy groups, math centers and science study by connecting to the Bridges and FOSS (Full Option Science Systems) math & science programs. Students will listen to text, build on patterns and comprehension skills.

In 3-5, your gift expands our device catalog, adding flexibility to curriculum. When devices are available versus shared across grade levels, they can be utilized spontaneously in teaching moments as well as in planned curricular windows.

In Middle School, your gift brings a new Robotics exploratory class to act as an incubator for design thinking where students conceive of and build 3D objects that move.