Age requirements for kindergarten don’t always map to an individual child’s development. Knowing this, we offer an Explorers program for children who are “on the cusp” of kindergarten readiness.

Our Explorers spend the morning doing challenging work as leaders in their multi-age classrooms, and come together in the afternoon to work together as a group under the guidance of experienced early childhood teachers. In order to be eligible for the Explorers program, students must turn 5 between September 1 and December 31. Explorers are able to go through the school day without a nap and, as walking field trips are a large component of the program, must also be comfortable walking with a group and following instructions.

The Explorers meet every day from 12:45-2:15p in the Mariposa classroom. Teachers follow an emergent curriculum model that includes early reading, writing, and math as well as social emotional learning, civic engagement, and exploratory learning through play.

Themes and are designed by teachers and students and are woven into the daily curriculum. Students actively participate in learning how to listen to each other’s ideas, support each other’s thinking and work together to produce a desired outcome. Leadership opportunities occur frequently throughout the year. Explorers often present civic engagement projects to classmates in their multi-age classrooms and act as role models for all of the younger students on campus.